An Pierlé was the city composer for Ghent for two years. To document what happened, the organization wanted to make a book. The book would contain performances, compositions, co-operations and interviews.

The concept was to bring the elite aspect of the name ‘composer’ down, but to keep it exclusive. That’s why pink copy paper and grey cardboard were used together with golden screen printed accents and why the book has an envelope instead of a box. The book could be a ‘lookbook’ if you read through it quickly. The small pages however have more of a journalistic touch to them and document more in-depth.”

 City Composer Book - Sander Bullynck

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Our Monday inspiration is Pari Ehsan, aka @paridust on Instagram, who pairs chic outfits with various artworks and exhibitions. See more of her stunning fashion and art photos on her website

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Addie Wagenknecht
Art Wars: Your Hood Is Gentrified, 2007
Lambda print
31.5 x 39.3 in / 80 x 100 cm

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Manfred Mohr
P-1011/C, 2005
LCD screen, computer, custom software
68 x 14 x 12” / 173 x 35 x 31 cm

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